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Join Us at ESTEC October 15-17 2024.


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The Hague

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The exhibition will inspire attendees with groundbreaking innovations in renewable energy and storage. Pioneering ideas and designs will showcase human ingenuity accelerating the energy transition. Visitors will feel invigorated by the potential of innovation to transform our energy future.


Event Highlights

Director,Advanced Research Institute,Virginia Tech,USA,2023 President and CEO of IEEE

Energie-Nederland President

Professor XiSheng Tang is with the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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    ESTEC Global Energy Conference

    Conference Theme: Global Energy Interconnection - European Forum
    Organized by: ESTEC
    Hosted by: ESTEC

    October 15th October 16th October 17th
    • Opening Ceremony and Leadership Summit
    • Dignitaries and representatives from multiple countries and energy organizations in attendance
    • European Energy Transition Challenges Forum
    • Human Sustainable Development and Green Energy Innovation
    • "Promoting High-Quality Development of New Energy Companies through ESG Initiatives"
    • Energy Storage Product and Technology Launch Summit
    • 2025/2030 New Energy Technology Innovation: Generation, Consumption, Pricing, and Global Development
    • Standardization and Quality & Safety System for Energy Storage
    • Research Reports
    • Applications of Grid-forming Technologies, Development Path for Energy Storage in New Power Systems, Virtual Power Plants, etc.
    • Specialized Seminars
    • New Energy Supply and Demand Matchmaking
    • Solar PV and Energy Storage Market Trends in the Netherlands and Europe
    • Relationship between New Energy Storage and Global Development
    • China-Europe Photovoltaic Industry Forum
    • New Energy Revolution with Energy Storage at the Core - Storage, Hydrogen, and Smart Technologies
    • Accelerating the Global Transition to Sustainable Energy
    Evening Reception and Award Ceremony

    What Experts Are Saying

    To achieve the "dual carbon" goals and increase the proportion of renewable energy use, the power system needs a significant increase in energy storage facility scale. Large-scale energy storage construction has become an important future development direction.

    Technological innovation and industrial reform are changing global energy technologies and supply structures. Wind power, photovoltaics, advanced nuclear power, green hydrogen energy, new energy storage and other technologies are accelerating iteration and promoting energy transformation.

    Energy transformation needs to integrate new energy and traditional energy. Finding a balance between energy reliability, eco-friendliness and economic benefits is the optimal path to achieve energy transformation.

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    As the most professional, international and large-scale energy storage conference and exhibition in the global industry, ESTEC (Energy Storage & Smart Energy Technology Exhibition & Conference) is held annually. It provides an international exhibition platform for energy storage industry participants from around the world that integrates display trading, technical exchange, high-end seminars, business cooperation, publicity and promotion, product display, new product launches, and more. The exhibition covers all areas of the photovoltaic, wind power and energy storage industries, including equipment technology, engineering materials, system solutions, application products, supporting facilities, and various other related industries.

    Join Us at ESTEC October 15-17 2024.